Command Center Furniture Consoles

Over the course of a typical work day, the operators in your command center will spend a total of six to eight hours, and perhaps longer, seated at their desks.  The right command center furniture is crucial in allowing your key decision makers and systems operators to focus on their mission-critical work and reduce fatigue.AgileVIEW Series 2 control room furniture

Our modular command consoles are fabricated to withstand decades of heavy-use 24/7 operations.  Other command consoles on the market – constructed from wood, laminated particle board, extruded aluminum, plastic, etc. – cannot hold a candle to the all-steel construction of our consoles.

This durability and strong economic case answers the need for longevity in government purchases. We have done business with all major branches of the U.S. Armed Services, who come to us for the strength and versatility of our command consoles.

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ImageVision command consoles aren’t just rugged and modular. They also provide operators with thousands of ergonomic features and configurations to help them find their comfort zone.

Determining your exact needs starts with understanding how your operators will be using the command center furniture on a day-to-day basis. We conduct interviews with your team and -- from your sketches or digital photos of the work area to be modified -- can do a quick estimate of exactly how many command consoles you will need and what features they should come equipped with.Heavy-Duty Command Center Furniture Console

For example, when purchasing command consoles, it’s important to consider how much your employees need to collaborate and whether your command center furniture facilitates or hinders collaboration. You will also want to opt for consoles that offer enough storage space such that employees can reduce clutter, and ergonomically correct workstations that will prevent repetitive strain injuries.

We tailor our command consoles to suit the exact requirements of your command center. Options for rear doors and rear pull-out trays allow for easy maintenance of your systems with little operator disturbance. ImageVision consoles can also be assembled with privacy panels, producing an optimum environment for reducing operator distraction and increasing productivity.

We take pride in knowing that our command center furniture will have a major impact on your employees' health, happiness, and performance.

All ImageVision command consoles ship fully assembled for ultimate protection. Just remove from pallet, plug in, and you are ready to go to work.