"Why Steel?"

That’s the first question that most customers ask when they compare our control room furniture to products made by other suppliers.


At least we hope it is. It’s a distinction we want every purchaser of control room consoles (also known as security furniture consoles, industrial computer desks, command consoles, etc.) to make. It’s a big deal.

We decided 16 years ago that light-duty conventional construction materials like wood, particle board, extruded aluminum, and plastic didn’t cut it for the industrial/commercial customers we hoped to serve. So we started manufacturing our consoles from 14/16-gauge multi-form reinforced sheet metal – solid steel – and we never looked back.

So, why do we use steel? Here’s a list of the advantages:



    1. Steel control room furniture will withstand continuous 24/7/365 usage.
    2. Increased load rating over extruded aluminum and wood.
    3. Formed and welded sheet metal results in firm, solid, perfect fit assemblies.
    4. Tough, industrial-grade Sherwin-Williams “Powdura” powder coat provides a durable long lasting professional finish.
    5. Won’t chip or scratch easily as do laminated particle board panels.
    6. Steel provides excellent heat dissipation. Laminated particleboard control room consoles capture heat and typically require fans for cooling.


    1. Showcase appearance after many years of continuous usage.
    2. Variety of powder coat colors to match existing or adjacent control room furniture.
    3. Steel components will not chip or blemish like aluminum or laminated fiberboard.
    4. Steel control room consoles enable a customer to easily and safely mount electrical devices inside their console structures the same as typical electrical enclosures.
    5. All steel control room furniture provides effective equipment grounding for installed electrical devices.

Every AgileVIEW and AbleVIEW unit we ship is fabricated from scratch – starting with a sheet of metal, they’re custom sheared or precision laser cut, multi-formed, welded, and assembled piece-by-piece to meet exact customer specifications.

They are uniquely capable of standing up to the ergonomic challenges and physical erosion of 24/7 use. And at the end of the day, they’re built to last longer than any other product on the market (as a general benchmark, steel withstands roughly three times the force of aluminum, let alone particle board…). This durability provides ROI without equal.

Beyond longevity, all-steel construction also protects and extends the life of your computers and electronic equipment by ensuring effective heat dissipation compared to traditional construction materials. Because metal dissipates internal heat, ImageVision cabinets and turrets actually reduce heat whereas wood and particle board enclosures trap it and harm electronics by extension. In addition, we offer 18-gauge reinforced locking doors for the front and/or rear of our consoles, which makes them a top choice for security applications.

While we proudly use the phrase “industrial-grade” to describe our control room furniture, that definitely doesn’t mean we don’t pay attention to design.

We take pride in manufacturing products that will not only outlast every other console on the market, but will also maintain a showroom-quality finish despite 24/7 use. Many of our customers proudly showcase their ImageVision-outfitted control rooms to visitors, a testament to their sharp aesthetics and the wide range of different Sherwin-Williams POWDURA powder coat finishes we offer.

Read testimonials from customers that have experienced this difference first-hand, or contact us to learn more.