Control Room Furniture Companies: ImageVision vs. Competition

What’s the most important factor driving your next control room furniture purchase?

Cost, functionality, durability, ergonomics, aesthetics, lead time, ease of assembly, scalability, customization and technology are some of the most common considerations we hear from control room designers across the country.control room furniture purchasing factors

Most of our customers come to us with one of these specific pain points in mind – let’s say cost – and are resigned to sacrifice other areas (i.e. ergonomics and durability) to satisfy their primary business requirement.

We reject that dilemma. We never hold our customers ransom to pick one or two of these considerations at the expense of all the others – that’s a big reason why our customer satisfaction rating is outstanding.

By comparison, the largest “name brand” control room furniture manufacturers force purchasers to trim away important console features to lower estimates that often snowball above six figures.

No matter what combination of the 1,000+ possible AgileVIEW control room furniture configurations and features you choose, you can expect the same rigorous dedication to product quality and added value.

We always manufacture our control consoles from scratch, from steel, and to spec. They’re always built in Texas and always priced competitively, regardless of if you represent a small business or a multi-national corporation. There is no false choice between cost and quality at ImageVision.

That’s what sets us apart from other control room furniture vendors.

 Control Room Furniture Quality Factors  ImageVision 

 Competitors  (Winsted, Evans,  TBC Consoles,  Lund Halsey,  SBFI, Tresco, etc.)

 All-Steel Design YES NO
 Ships Fully Assembled YES NO, or assembly is optional.
 Made Entirely in USA YES Rarely
 Lead Time -- Extensive range of  modular options allows high  customization with off-the-shelf lead  times FLEXIBLE Varies
 Built to Spec YES Sometimes
 Pricing - Includes Assembled Units YES Varies
 97% Customer Satisfaction* YES NO


*97% of Customers Rate ImageVision 8 or Higher on Scale of 10

Final Thoughts

One of the reasons why comparing different brands of control room console furniture can be difficult is because so little customer review and satisfaction data is publicly available.

We’re proud of our products and customer service, so we don’t hesitate to publish our customer satisfaction survey results here.

When you’re ready to discuss your next control room, command center, or surveillance station project, contact us!