The Purpose and Benefits of a Security Operations Center

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Security operation centers are becoming more important in today’s digital age. As we begin to store more information on the internet, the threat of hacking looms over us. However, physical threats and dangers still remain as well, such as burglaries, attackers, and more. A security operations center gives many industries the leg-up on potential emergencies and provides easier access to resolve them.

According to a 2014 SANS Incident Response Survey, “a whopping 55% of organizations do not have a formal incident response team and, as a result, cannot perform effective incident response when threats arise.” There are so many industries worth protecting—discover all the benefits of a security operations center and learn how your business can utilize them.

Benefits of a Security Operations Center

Improves Awareness

Operations Centers have equipment that allows people to monitor multiple situations at one time. Not only do these systems make threats known, but it is a great way to locate important assets and have a stronger, more organized infrastructure. With multiple displays, ergonomic desks, and other key features of command centers, potential incidents will never go unnoticed by your team.

Increases Preparedness

Being able to access important data always allows those working in command centers to be ready. Although any business can benefit from a command center, high-intensity industries such as engineering, security, nuclear, refinery, and energy can utilize this aspect during everyday operations. Easy readability can help businesses in these high-risk times to act fast when crisis strikes and solve problems in a far better manner because more information is available to them in a shorter period of time.

Keeps People Proactive

A security operations center often deals with life-threatening situations, which means workers need to say on top of the situation and have all the information they need to make important decisions. A security operations center allows you to stay proactive and spread alerts and information to keep people safe in any type of scenario, including attacks, and severe weather. With the proper command center equipment, your team will have no trouble finding a solution in emergency situations.

Enhances Security

There are many things worth protecting and having a team of people dedicated to this task can prove to be very beneficial. Work is difficult as is, and it is far better when you do not have to worry about the potential threats that could affect your industry. Having a team of experts strengthens protection; these teams typically include:

  • manager
  • incident responder
  • forensic investigator
  • compliance auditor
  • cybersecurity analyst
  • Supports Alarm Abilities

When an incident arises, you can use your command center to send out emergency notifications, such as sending out alarms, to keep people safe. When danger strikes, communication is key and alerting people about a potential threat can save lives. In these situations, no one can understate the importance of security operation centers because having easy accessibility to alert somebody is crucial. These centers act as the ultimate security system for your business.

Provides Video Monitoring

Apart from monitoring, screens in a security operations center can keep a close eye on what occurs in areas all around a building—even when you are not there. Having 24/7 video capabilities can keep your employees and operations safe. You’ll be able to easily identify incidents such as burglary thanks to cameras placed around the perimeter and a central hub where you can then see those visuals.

Offers an Emergency Phone Service

Since command centers offer 24/7 monitoring, you can take all the proper security measures, such as making phone calls to emergency operators. It can be difficult to make calls on important matters after business hours since at this point all operations will have come to a halt. Thankfully, command centers provide people with a simple way of contacting emergency personnel if after-hour situations escalate.

Mitigates Security Investigations

A security operations center allows investigators to complete their tasks in a far timelier manner. Since your business will most likely have surveillance footage, timestamps, and more data at your disposal, they can use all this information to quickly close the case. Investigations can become complex when very little information is available—having a security operations center can eliminate any and all obstacles and can also lower the cost of an investigation.

Builds Trust

A security operations center is a great way to build trust within your business. Many industries house important information and people, so ensuring their security can be a huge deal breaker. A security operations center is one of the best ways to protect your valuable business assets. It also allows your employees to feel safe knowing that people are monitoring the location 24/7 and that they can contact them if something does happen.

Why You Should Invest

The purpose of security operation centers is to act as the central hub for everything relating to your business; the main benefit of a security operations center is having information easily accessible in one place. If all the benefits we listed above sound like something your business could utilize, we recommend investing in an operations center team and the proper equipment. There are many security products out there suited for every professional industry that requires improved security. Some of the most popular command center furniture used by a variety of industries includes:

  • ergonomic command center consoles
  • large screen displays
  • storage units

The advances in technology have made security initiatives much more effective at keeping the important people and information in a business safe. However, it’s still imperative that businesses take the proper measures to defend themselves against physical threats. To prevent dangerous people from interfering with your business, you will want to form a security operations center with high-quality furniture and a knowledgeable team.

Nobody should feel unsafe in their workplace. Having 24/7 monitoring decreases the risk of threats and allows everyone to remain safe. Now is a great time to invest in a security operations center—assemble a team of trusted workers and provide them with the best equipment possible to protect your company.

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