4 Benefits of Mobile Workstations in The Medical Field

4 Benefits of Mobile Workstations in The Medical Field

The medical field is among the most important industries in the world, and it is critical that they have the best tools available to succeed. These tools include mobile workstations, which boasts various benefits for those working in high-pressure environments. At ImageVision Consoles, we offer a great selection of customizable workstations to help health care organizations succeed—discover the benefits of mobile workstations in the medical field.


We tailor our mobile consoles for hospital and lab environments. According to Travel Nursing, “146 nurses studied walked an average of 4–5 miles during a 12-hour shift.” Our consoles allow nurses to remain mobile as they go from patient to patient during a shift. Doctors also benefit from having access to important information at any given location. Additionally, mobile workstations allow for health professionals to complete more work in a manner that fits with their workflow and saves them time.


Mobile desks are not only great for getting from one place to another in an efficient manner, but they also don’t take up too much space. Available space in a medical facility is valuable, and mobile consoles take up far less room than a standard desk; this is especially important since they often share the same space as important medical equipment.

Easy Access

Having quick access to information is not only great for those working, but for the patients as well. Now, with bedside technical furniture, health professionals can share important information with their patients. Since they are able to physically see the data, this promotes healthy communication and trust between the two parties, which could prove to be helpful in a time of crisis.

Ergonomic Features

Another huge benefit of mobile workstations is their ergonomic quality. While doctors and nurses are saving lives, they themselves are also benefiting from standing as opposed to sitting all day. Standing periodically throughout the day can lower a person’s risk of obesity, heart disease, and other health-related issues. Our standing mobile desks also provide adjustable-height to accommodate everyone, so no one misses out on the benefits.