5 Ways to Prevent Data Breaches

Proper control room design can have a huge impact on preventing a data breach in your facility

Today, there are very few industries that don’t heavily rely on technology. As such, cyber threats are one of the biggest concerns of businesses around the world. And this goes for small and large companies alike. In fact, small businesses lead the way in data breaches—they account for 58%. Here are some effective ways to prevent data breaches.

Train Employees

Industries should provide their employees with the proper training necessary for avoiding cyber threats. This training can spread awareness of what threatening emails look like or ways to create a strong password. These skills can go a long way in improving cybersecurity and preventing data breaches.

Have A Control Room

A control room is necessary for many industries, such as the government, data centers, and aerospace. An effective control room design allows security teams to monitor suspicious activity via multiple displays and the proper equipment and get ahead of it.

Limit Access

Another way to prevent data breaches is to limit access for those who can enter important rooms. It is crucial that you have room lockdowns to prevent numerous people from entering and exiting high-security areas. By having entrances that require IDs with the proper credentials, it decreases the risk of important information getting into the wrong hands.

Update Security Software

Companies should update everyone’s computer software so it can detect the most dangerous threats and protect sensitive information. Software is always finding better ways to go up against the most dangerous hacks. Updating that software will continue to keep things running smoothly.

Strong Encryption

In addition to updating security software, you will need to increase your encryption strength. This method protects sensitive information found in emails, documents, and network connections. The stronger it is, the harder it will be for it to be for outside sources to hack in.