Tips on How to Use A Standing Desk Properly

Tips on How to Use A Standing Desk Properly

Ergonomic furniture, like standing desks, can be incredibly beneficial to your health and wellness; however, many people commonly use them incorrectly. Here are some tips on how to use a standing desk in any workplace setting.

Stand for 15 Minutes Every Hour

A standing desk doesn’t mean you can’t sit during the workday. Many people think standing all day is healthier than sitting every now and then—they’re wrong. Instead, it’s far more effective to use the ergonomic technical furniture 15 minutes every hour. This way, you can avoid lower back pain, which may result from standing for too long. When you do sit down, make sure you sit in an ergonomic chair with an adjustable headrest, as these chairs are designed to promote good posture.

Adjust Your Monitor

When you stand, it’s important to adjust your computer monitor so that it’s in the right position. For good posture, your eyes should be looking at the top half of the monitor with a tilt. You also want to keep a fair distance between the screen and your eyes. Eyestrain could cause headaches and drowsiness throughout the workday.

Use a Floor Mat

All standing desk users should also have a foam floor mat. It will help reduce fatigue and increase your overall comfort as you work because it makes matters easier on your feet and legs. It’s especially nice to have if you’re someone who wishes to stand as often as you can.

Set Your Arms to 90 Degrees

Too many operators forget about or neglect their shoulders, arms, and hands because they’re too focused on their back, legs, and feet. Don’t forget this tip on how to properly use a standing desk. A 90-degree angle will provide you with the most comfort and keep you in a natural typing position that encourages good health.