4 Ways to Improve Your Dual Monitor Setup

Improve your command center setup by utilizing the most optimal way of setting up your Dual Monitoring System

You should have a dual monitor setup for many different reasons, which is especially true in a command center setting. Two monitors instead of one allows for increased productivity, improved multitasking, and so much more. You can take your dual monitor setup even further. We provide some ways to improve your dual monitor setup in a command center below.

Alter the Display

The first thing you can do to enhance the dual monitor setup on your command center furniture is altering the display. You can alter your display by improving the resolution of the monitors. By making this small alteration, you can see information more clearly.

Use Different Displays

An additional way to improve your dual monitor setup is to use different displays. Instead of using two horizontal monitors, you can rotate one and make it vertical. A vertical monitor allows you to see more information at once.

Change the Position of Your Monitors

Ergonomics should always be a priority, especially in a control room that operates 24/7. A lot of work-related injuries tend to involve the neck. To avoid this injury, adjust your monitor so that you look toward the top half of it. Making this small change can improve your posture and reduce the risk of injury. The monitor should also be adjusted when you use a sit to stand desk.

Block Blue Light

Another risk command center operators face is blue light, which can cause digital eye strain and other issues. The good news is you can enable a blue light filter on your monitor and block the effects. You can also wear blue light blocking glasses as you work. Long hours in front of a computer screen can really damage your eyes, but luckily you can combat the harmful effects.