Top Reasons to Buy American-Made Control Room Furniture 

ImageVision Consoles delivers high-end American products that can improve performance to leaders in industries that utilize control rooms.

One of the biggest issues the United States faces today is the fact that major manufacturers are taking their production to other countries. While cheaper, this is an increasingly critical issue that harms the health of the United States economy.

A major benefit of buying from ImageVision Consoles is that our products are made in right here in America—and more specifically, in Texas. When deciding on the right furniture for your control room, an important aspect of the purchase should be where the product was produced. Here are the top reasons to buy American-made products from companies like ImageVision Consoles.

Great for the Environment

A top reason to buy American-made products is that it’s better for the environment. Instead of shipping in items from around the world, you limit that to a single country. The main reason why this is great for our environment is because it reduces the carbon footprint of materials, which mainly comes from the transportation of said items. In these times, there are many ways industries can do their part to better the environment.

Better for the U.S. Economy

Perhaps the biggest reason why you should stick to American-made products is because it’s better for the U.S. economy as a whole. To put it in simple terms, when you buy products that were made in America, you put money back into the U.S. economy. A properly functioning economy is the key to establishing the U.S. as a great country to live in. A simple purchase actually helps with that.

Supports Labor and Safety Laws

In the United States, there are strict labor and safety laws. These laws were put into place to improve the overall wellness of the employees who produce products. In other countries, employees must often endure hazardous working conditions, long hours, and little pay. As an example of the turmoil they endure, countries like China have to install security nets on the outside of the building to prevent the rising rates of suicide. That’s how bad the working conditions are in other countries. Buying American products supports quality labor and safety laws instead of the inhumane acts some countries use against factory workers.

Better Quality Products

America is also a bit stricter when it comes to the products’ quality. No matter what you’re buying, a product’s quality is always important, and American-made can give you that. For example, ImageVision is able to offer high-quality control room furniture that is comfortable, durable, modular, and configurable—plus, it ships fully assembled. Some businesses stay away from buying American because the costs tend to be more upfront. However, it can actually save money down the line, because these products are higher quality, which means they’ll last much longer. American-made products have a ton of advantages that your organization can capitalize in a big way—this is only one of them.

Helps Future Generations

We must always put our best foot forward for the ones who will follow us. Investing in products made in America stems beyond a simple profit. Supporting these products can also help future generations. Buying American products can set up future generations for success by establishing jobs in the country and growing them over time. The sooner the U.S. economy builds up, the more security the next generation will have. In addition to helping the economy, American-made products also help future generations due to the eco-friendly fashion in which these products are made and distributed.

Keeps Jobs in the Country

A major factor why American products improve future generations is because they keep jobs in the country. Many manufacturers choose to outsource their production or relocate out of the country because of loose labor and safety laws, which makes production cheaper. Made in America means that these products were put together by Americans. So, buying a product can go as far as ensuring job security for your fellow Americans. Proving that there is a market for American-made products makes a factory in the country more attractive and makes manufacturers less likely to move their labor overseas.

Endorses Independence

While the global economy and international trade are important, America still needs to thrive on its own. America has been built on independence and a huge part of that is producing our own products. When you’re sticking to products made in the country, you are supporting the very principles this country was founded on. In the end, a product produced cheaply outside the country might help your wallet at the time of the purchase, but there are far more benefits to sticking with American goods.

Reduces Trade Deficit

In recent years, the United States has gotten involved in plenty of trade deals where they’ve gotten the short end of the stick. Boosting the U.S. economy by sticking to national products can reduce the trade deficit that our country currently faces. In general, you’re always going to find largescale economic benefits when people buy American-made products.

How to Tell?

A natural question people have is how they can tell whether a product is American made. Because American made is such a huge selling point due to all its benefits, many businesses, including ImageVision, will promote it. They may advertise this on their website, or they may show this off with a “Made in USA” label on the product itself. You might see a “Made in America” sticker; however, that can also refer to Canada and Mexico.

The point is, America has plenty to offer, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t stick with products that are assembled in the United States. Making more of an effort to buy American can help people all around the country—including yourself. So, if you find your control or command room is lacking, practice this mindset by investing in ImageVision’s security furniture, security consoles, monitor mounts, ergonomic chairs, and so much more. ImageVision Consoles continues to deliver high-end American products that can improve performance to leaders in industries that utilize control rooms. Some notable clients include Kraft, Siemens, NASA, USMC, 3M, BlueCross BlueShield, and many more.

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