Intensive Use Chairs vs. Regular Office Chairs

Intensive Use Chairs vs. Regular Office Chairs

When you are filling up your workplace, it’s essential that it’s full of high-quality furniture and equipment. This means you should put some thought in the chairs you use because of how much time can be spent there in the workday. Instead of going for regular office chairs, we recommend you go for intensive use chairs. These types of chairs have many benefits that regular office chairs can’t offer, which is why many offices are making the transition. To see the benefits, here’s a comparison with intensive use chairs vs. regular office chairs.

More Durable

A major advantage of getting an intensive use chair that they are more durable than regular office chairs. This is a necessary feature for many industries, especially those who use control rooms. With an intensive use chair, expect it to handle the conditions of any workplace and last longer than a regular office chair as well.

Built for 24/7 Use

Control room and other operations also need to have furniture that is built for use 24/7. Because workers will be operating for long periods of time, they need to have a chair that is made for that with features like increased support and comfortability. ImageVision provides control room console, command center, and data center furniture, including 24-hour chairs that are made with comfort foam.

Tested for Work

Intensive use chairs also go through plenty of testing to ensure that they can handle any working conditions. In order for an intensive use chair to be labeled as such, it needs to get the necessary certification. By having standards in place, the level of quality can be trusted.

Better Ergonomics

A final component of our look at intensive use chairs vs. regular office chairs is that the former has plenty of ergonomic features, too. Employee wellness is essential for their overall wellbeing and performance. The ergonomic features in intensive use chairs promote good posture and can help prevent work-related injuries.