Considerations for Deploying the Perfect Video Wall

video screens

A video wall system in a control room comes with plenty of benefits, such as improved efficiency, easier access to data, and so much more. Therefore, your control room operations might be thinking about making this addition to your wall space. Before you do, here are a few considerations for deploying the perfect video wall to keep in mind.  


The first thing you will want to consider for a video wall is its size. You want to make sure that the information presented on the video wall can be seen from a control room table. A room’s layout will be a huge determining factor in this area.


In addition to the video wall’s size, its location is also important. The location of the video wall also needs to be strategic with operator sightlines. Video wall location also needs to be carefully thought out due to light as well, because if it’s near a window, it can cause glare and obstruction.  


The next consideration for deploying the perfect video wall relates to its display. For one, when there are multiple screens being used, the display must be visually consistent. Luminance uniformity, bezel size, and brightness are all settings that can impact a video display.  


The last consideration that you will need to keep in mind for a video wall in a control room is the connectivity. Will it be possible to install a video board in the location where you want it to go? If not, what kind of adjustments will you have to make? These are important questions that need to be asked.

Many control rooms take advantage of video wall systems, and you can too. Your control room operations can also reap the benefits of having ergonomic furniture that can improve visibility and comfort, as well as maximizing performance. If this is a change you are looking to make, browse ImageVision Console’s wide selection of long-lasting control room furniture designed for 24/7 use and made in the USA.