IT and Data Center Furniture

Data Center Furniture for IT

ImageVision offers superior, flexible and ergonomic data center furniture that optimizes your return on investment.

We manufacture modular data center and IT furniture that is designed to meet the unique space, scale, and functionality requirements of data centers.

Operations of data centers vary dramatically in terms of layout, scope, and size. Whether your facility is 5,000 or 500,000 square feet, ImageVision data center furniture is highly configurable to fit unique floor plans and operational requirements. Their modularity enables you to easily rearrange spaces and scale up with the growth of your business.

More importantly, we understand that the comfort and focus of data center operations personnel is a paramount concern. When the smallest lapse of concentration or disruption in service can easily jeopardize your client relationships, the ergonomic design of data center and IT furniture becomes mission critical.

For this reason, ImageVision’s control room furniture is optimized to maximize operator performance and reduce their fatigue while monitoring IT operations. In addition to their ergonomic design and features (including seated or standing options), our consoles seamlessly integrate with the data center environment at hand (audio / visual equipment mounting, cable management, etc.) and are easy to adjust to suit an operator's preferences.

Beyond flexibility, modularity and ergonomic design, the all-steel construction of our data center furniture was made to withstand 24/7 usage and the wear and tear that Medium density fiberboard (MDF) and/or wood consoles can't take. Our data center furniture is built to last longer than virtually all other alternatives on the market. Your investment will last years, potentially even decades longer than it would with wood construction.

ImageVision can also help you choose the best technical furniture solution for your data center control room. You can give us a call, a fax, or contact us via e-mail. We'll give you a reply within 24 hours.