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ImageVision defines what it means to make “industrial-grade” control room furniture.

The AgileVIEW control console is a manufacturing achievement in its own right. Each all-steel console is fabricated from scratch – starting with a sheet of metal, they are custom sheared or precision laser cut, multi-formed, welded, and assembled piece-by-piece to meet your exact specifications. And beyond the fundamental durability of 14/16-gauge steel consoles, ImageVision ensures that every unit is ergonomically designed to stand up to the physical and mental rigors of 24/7 use.

That’s why Fortune 500 manufacturers in a wide range of industries including Automotive, Alternative Energy, Construction, Commercial Goods, Consumer Products, and more rely on ImageVision for their manufacturing control room furniture needs.

We’ve created custom modular production control room furniture for a wide range of manufacturing plants and related facilities, including those for tire manufacturers such as Firestone and Goodyear. We’ve also furnished control room consoles for General Motors, Allison Transmissions, Caterpillar and others.

Common to all customers is the need for workstations solutions that can adapt to a variety of functional demands, floor plans, and work environments. See how our control room furniture compares to our competition and allows for greater customization to fit your specific needs.

Our furniture can be adapted to handle nearly any user interface, including touch-sensitive panels and custom controls. We also offer configurations that can be used in seated or standing operator positions, from the control room to the factory floor. Some industries necessitate environmental factors (such as dust or other contaminants) that can be harmful to the sensitive electronics and computer equipment to monitor and manage production and logistics in the same space. Cement production, for example, generates a large amount of fine dust, which could easily enter computer case fans and produce overheating when traditional or lesser quality computer furniture is used.

We offer several manufacturing control room console solutions for protecting the peak efficiency of computer and electronics equipment while providing optimal ventilation. This includes gasketed consoles (where doors and panels have gaskets to keep fine dust out), and special fans and filter attachments (designed to keep a positive air pressure inside the cabinets, which in turn keeps out dust while maintaining ventilation). Any industry where generation of particulate byproducts is common can take advantage of these solutions.

If your manufacturing control room isn't optimally designed for your organization's specific needs, you could be paying the price through lower productivity and wasted time, not to mention potential downtime and accidental shut-downs. If your production control room furniture could be improved to better suit the needs of your company and its workforce, contact our sales department for a control room design that is tailor made to your specific application. 

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