Network Operations Center (NOC) Furniture

NOC Furniture Consoles

Monitoring the performance and availability of your network is a full-time, around-the-clock job.

In an age of monitoring systems that promise “always-on” monitoring and responsive alerts, it’s important for your Network Operations Center (NOC) team to be equally alert and responsive.

To this end, we understand the importance of comfort and convenience with respect to NOC furniture. When the smallest lapse of concentration or disruption in service can create costly problems, the ergonomic design of NOC furniture is paramount.

For this reason, ImageVision’s AgileVIEW control consoles are designed to maximize operator performance and reduce their fatigue while monitoring NOC operations. In addition to their ergonomic design and features (including seated or standing options), our network operations center furniture seamlessly integrates with the NOC layout and equipment at hand (audio / visual equipment mounting, cable management, etc.) and are easy to adjust to accommodate your operator's preference.

All AgileVIEW NOC furniture also come with built-in cable trays that run throughout the entire lineup and have divided wireways that provide additional electrical isolation between power and control wiring. The all-steel construction allows for effective heat dissipation, prolonging the life of your electronic equipment. We also support multi-monitor setups - up to three tiers high, for 24” wide monitors, and have options for custom mounting larger screens.

Finally, our NOC furniture features a modular design that will maximize your existing space and grow with your network or with new technologies such as cloud computing, virtualization and Software as a Service (SAAS)--allowing you to scale down as easily as you scale up.

If you’d like assistance with your NOC layout, please contact us for a free AutoCAD layout design and consultation with one of our experienced sales representatives.