Oil, Gas, and Chemical Refinery Control Room Furniture


Control room furniture for oil and gas control rooms and chemical processing plants often needs to accommodate specialized equipment or existing controls equipment. That certainly was the case when we supplied custom configured control room furniture solutions for Aramco, ConocoPhillips, DuPont, Dow, OXY, PEMEX, Shell and others.

Their equipment housing needs included specific operator interface types such as Allen-Bradley's PanelView, Cutler-Hammer's PanelMate, and other Distributed Control Systems (DCS) devices and specialty printers. Modification of existing control rooms were often subject to space limitations, required window viewing for process monitoring, or required accommodations for existing electrical wiring through the floor or ceiling.

As an example, when Equistar Chemicals upgraded their DCS system and needed to find DCS console furniture to protect their process control equipment. Our all-steel, highly-configurable AbleVIEW consoles stood out from the pack, and our world-class consulting and customer service sealed the deal.

We also have extensive experience configuring control room furniture for drilling plat-forms, centralized control rooms for pipelines, oil refineries, chemical processing plants, and other settings where furniture has to be customized to meet specific needs. See how our processing and refinery control room furniture compares to our competition.

For example, offshore drilling platforms and maritime installation projects often require attachments to securely bolt down consoles to a floor or deck. AgileVIEW floor anchor kits and CPU tray latches are also available to prevent ImageVision’s all-steel furniture from shifting on rough seas.

Limited floor space in a control room may necessitate 2 or 3 tier monitor supports, multi-level controls enclosures, or monitor stands capable of accommodating multiple displays. ImageVision can assist customers in finding solutions by offering custom control room layouts that optimize use of existing DCS controls, wiring and other constraints. unique requirements.

The rugged, all-steel construction of ImageVision consoles includes powder-coat paint, proven to withstand harsh environments such as chemical processing plants and the environment of offshore marine installations.

ImageVision refinery control room furniture is manufactured and assembled in the United States and ships worldwide, and ImageVision has years of experience working internationally with respected chemical and petroleum companies, export documentation requirements and international shipping organizations.

Contact us today for a free AutoCAD layout design and consultation with one of our experienced sales representatives. We have successfully conducted business through phone, fax, and Email on numerous projects worldwide.

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