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Few services are as vital to the health of a community as the management of water and wastewater. Though we often take it for granted, efficient processing of our water and wastewater determines where people can live and work, and efficiency often starts in the treatment plant’s control room. ImageVision is a leading supplier of control room furniture and design for many water and wastewater facilities in the United States.

While water and wastewater treatment plants may function with different processes, control room furniture for water and wastewater treatment plants are similar in need. These requirements tend to be relatively simple - longevity, configurability, and durability.

ImageVision has worked with water treatment plants and wastewater plants in several U.S. cities. Our customers within the water and wastewater management industry include: the sanitation district of Los Angeles County (for refuse to energy and gas to energy facilities), and several water and wastewater treatment plants located in New Mexico, Tennessee, Illinois, Alabama, Florida, New Jersey, and Maryland.

These customers rely on AgileVIEW or AbleVIEW control consoles for their control rooms or pump stations. Popular within this industry is the addition of 2nd and 3rd tier monitor arrangements, which are split into virtual displays allowing an operator to watch several processes at once.

The high-quality water and wastewater facility control room furniture provided by ImageVision allows for use of either standard keyboard inputs or customized control panels. Additionally, the all-steel construction and powder-coat finish will ensure that the desks can survive harsh environments for many years without requiring repair or replacement.

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