ImageVision, Inc. Expands into Financial Market with Traders Desks

Furniture Manufacturer to Tailor its Premium Control Consoles for Trading Room Floors

February 15, 2017

LA GRANGE, Texas – ImageVision, Inc., a global manufacturer of control consoles for critical commercial, industrial, and security operations, today announced its expansion into the financial services sector.

Specially designed for the advanced computing and ergonomic requirements of trading rooms, ImageVision's Control Consoles or Trading Desks provide users with premium comfort, versatility, and simplicity to help them excel under pressure.

ImageVision Traders Desks

Configured for traders, the AgileVIEW Series 2 control consoles are available in two standard widths (26 and 48 inches) and accommodates large split-screen monitor layouts up to three tiers high with dual extension monitor arms. Adapting to any floor space, technologies, work environment, and other functional demands, it features hundreds of possible user-friendly configurations to promote concentration and efficiency.

These include easy monitor adjustment and mount flexibility and an array of work-surface depth and equipment storage choices. Streamlined cable management (via integrated vertical and horizontal wireways) comes standard with every trading desk, keeping cables out of sight for an uncluttered workspace. Optional CPU pull-out trays and EIA rails are also available inside locking cabinets.

Beyond this, all trading desks are built on a heavy-duty 16 gauge steel frame with front, side and rear panels of powder-coated 16 gauge sheet metal. This durability enables ImageVision products to withstand the rigor of around-the-clock trading operations.

“We’re entering this market because we think we can strike a better balance between ergonomics, aesthetics, technology, and durability than many of the leading ‘name brand’ trading desks,” said ImageVision CEO Dave Renfro. “By this measurement, we think that ImageVision can be in a class of its own.”

ImageVision Trading Floor Desks

In addition to their unique durability, the all-steel construction of AgileVIEW Series 2 trading desks provides an added benefit of natural heat management (metal dissipates internal heat rather than trapping it). And this metal construction also allows ImageVision desks to maintain a showroom-quality finish despite 24/7 use.

“Many of our Fortune 500 customers showcase their ImageVision-furnished control rooms to public visitors,” said Renfro, adding that ImageVision trading desks come in a wide range of different Sherwin-Williams POWDURA powder coat finishes. “We want to ensure that firms don’t have to cycle in and out of obsolete or run-down looking desks every five or 10 years.”

Whatever the project specifications, ImageVision can customize a trading desk design to meet the requirements, and all trading desks are shipped fully assembled – shrink-wrapped, edge-protected and palletized – for easy installation.

About ImageVision, Inc.
ImageVision is a global manufacturer of control room console furniture built for demanding commercial, industrial, and security applications. In addition to consoles, they supply ergonomic 24-hour rated chairs, monitor mounts, equipment racks, and x-ray viewers. ImageVision is a privately held company located in Texas, where all ImageVision products are made.