Debbie Bisbano Retirement

Last month, we bid a warm and grateful farewell to our long-standing Manager of Business Development Debbie Bisbano.

Debbie's Retirement Party

Debbie served ImageVision with a singular focus and friendliness for almost a decade before retiring in August. She will share her retirement with her husband, former Houston District 46B Fire Chief Tony Bisbano, who retired a week before her in July.  

When they aren’t celebrating their golden years in La Grange or on the Gulf Coast, we fully expect that they will be speeding across the country in their RV and making new friends wherever they go.

Anyone with the pleasure of working with Debbie has a litany of fond memories of her professionalism and demeanor. We wish her and her family all the best in the years ahead.

 Cheers, Debbie!

Testimonials about Debbie:

Debbie has been a highly valued member of the ImageVision family, and will be greatly missed by all who have worked with her. Especially me. Despite her wide array of responsibilities, she would often ask if there was anything she could do to help me with my work load. Her attitude, aptitude and energy are truly amazing. I’m delighted to say that Debbie has agreed to stay on our payroll as a part-time consultant. Thanks to today’s technology, she can remote in to our office when needed from almost anywhere her travels may take her. - Dave Renfro, CEO

I think it's safe to say that without Debbie Bisbano, namely her incredible work ethic, aptitude for learning, and can-do attitude, ImageVision wouldn't have enjoyed the same level of success over the past years.  Her optimism and personality are infectious, and she will always feel like family to those of us at ImageVision and to many folks at our partner companies.  It has been a tremendous pleasure to work with Debbie, to get to know her family, seek her advice both within and outside of work, and plan the occasional happy hour meeting! Debbie's presence at ImageVision will be missed, but certainly she will remain a part of our lives for years to come! – Lindsay Renfro

I have sincerely enjoyed working with Debbie the past seven plus years and considered her a very valuable asset to our company. You could always count on her to stay on top of everything under the many hats she wore at our company.  She is intelligent and innovative and did discover and develop some very useful tools to make my job easier for following sales opportunities. I really hated to see her leave but know that she will enjoy retirement – Bill Tielsch

While I have worked with Debbie for only three months, I have known her for over a year.  She always has a smile and a kind word.  She has shared a lot of her knowledge with me and assisted me in learning her duties so that I can try to fill her shoes.  She has worn many hats at ImageVision.  I am glad that she has agreed to stay on as a part-time consultant as there is still so much more to learn!  I am very happy for her on her retirement.  She and her husband, Tony, can now spend lots of time together traveling and visiting friends and family.  Enjoy Debbie!!! – Susan Hemmi

The ImageVision Team & Friends at Debbie's Retirement Party: