Control Room Consoles Change Standard EdgeMold Color to Black

One of the core principals of ImageVision's operations is to seek continuous process improvement, and we achieve this principal by making materials changes to our products whenever necessary.

Specifically, ImageVision quality is informed and maintained through 100% follow-up on all shipments with our Customer Satisfaction Survey. The feedback we've received from these surveys has proven invaluable in our effort to continuously improve each of our products.

Recently, our Customer Satisfaction Surveys indicated that the standard Cool Gray EdgeMold color used on the front edge of AgileVIEW control room consoles were becoming too easily soiled or stained in some applications. The EdgeMold product is meant to provide paint protection when chairs or rolling file cabinets strike the front edge of the console. It also provides a soft feel for operators' wrists resting against the units.

Many of our customers' applications are staffed by people who don't have the luxury of operating in a clean, office-like setting such as the NOC furniture below.
AgileVIEW noc furniture with fibre optic equipment small2

Instead, many applications demand operation in shop environment or dusty processing area.  A number of customers shared with us that in some cases, they could not adequately clean the Cool Gray EdgeMold using only the recommended warm soapy water. After further investigation, it was determined that Black EdgeMold was a better color choice for most industrial control room customers. As of September 10, 2012, default production of AgileVIEW included Black EdgeMold as the standard color, while Cool Gray remains an available option where preferred.

A comparison of the two EdgeMold color choices is provided below (left: Saudi Arabian power plant; right: petroleum pipeline).
EdgeMold colors cool gray vs black for NOC Furniture

As we have tracked the buying behaviors of our customers, we further noticed that many customers preferred consoles finished in all black components. This color scheme is now available at the same price as our standard beige scheme, and the change to standard Black EdgeMold complements this trend.

For customers who desire changes to existing console units, contact an ImageVision sales representative for more pricing.