Technical Adjustable Height Workstations

It’s become more and more common to see adjustable height workstation setups in many industrial, commercial, and security control room operations.

Whether for customer service, operator comfort, or security reasons, convertible and re-convertible adjustable height furniture and mobile workstations are in higher demand than ever.

Our AgileVIEW  control room console designs can be configured as sit or stand workstations. AgileVIEW is best suited for a permanent installation, such as Command Center furniture.

We also offer ErgonomicVIEW, our most popular adjustable height workstation. Options for ErgonomicVIEW include single or dual worksurfaces, and many different options for mounting either single or multiple monitors.

Either AgileVIEW or ErgonomicVIEW can be deployed on casters, for an application as a mobile security desk or security console.

Our AgileVIEW control room console furniture has two base riser heights available -- 6” and 12”, and casters are available. They can be configured with cabinet doors facing either the front or the rear or both and have a steel work surface with powdered coat finish that will stand up to decades of constant use.


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