Control Room Desks and Workstation Furniture

Control Room Desks by ImageVision

We proudly manufacture the highest quality control room desks for industrial, commercial, and security applications. 

ImageVision control room consoles are trusted by hundreds of corporations and governments around the world to support critical control room operations (you can view a list of these customers by clicking here).  

All of our industrial workstation desks feature a visually striking all-steel design and thousands of ergonomic features and configurations to help operators find their comfort zone.

A significant portion of our business is from repeat customers requesting additional units.  These requests may also originate from other control rooms in the same facility, or from sister plants who have seen or heard about the exceptional aesthetics, durability, functionality, and value of our control room desks. 

AgileVIEW 2 Control Room Workstation: 2-Tier 48-inch Don’t just take our word for it – we follow up every order shipped to survey each customer as to their level of satisfaction with both our products and services. This ensures that we maintain a high customer satisfaction rating which applies to all three of our product families – 97% of our customers rate our products an 8 or above on a scale of 1-10. And 100 % of our customers rate our people and service an 8 or higher!

  • AgileVIEW - The all-purpose choice for most modern control rooms
  • AbleVIEW - The choice for enclosed CRT/LCD monitors or gasketed equipment
  • ErgonomicVIEW – The adjustable height operator console option

We do NOT sell light-duty control room consoles or any office-grade furniture.

Here are some key differences between ImageVision control room workstations and standard office furniture:


Control Room Workstations
Office Furniture
Primary Applications Designed for heavy continuous use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Typically constructed for light use, e.g., 8-hour weekdays.
Construction Materials Rugged, all-steel construction. Wood, particle board, extruded aluminum, plastic.
Weight ImageVision's standard AgileVIEW 48-inch wide control room desk (no monitor tiers) weighs 245 lbs. A typical 48 inch wide office desk weighs 50-100 lbs.
Surface Quality Powder coat paint finish; tough protection from chips. Veneer or Laminated particle board; chips and scratches easily.
Ventilation Cabinets and turrets constructed to reduce heat. Metal dissipates internal heat; does not trap it.Ventilation louvers or slots are standard on our back panels.Typically, specialized ventilation options are available. Wood and particle board traps heat; reduces electronics' lifespan; Lack of ventilation may require addition of noisy equipment fans.
Enclosures Cabinets and turrets themselves can serve as equipment enclosures. Metal enclosures and grounding systems usually need to be added for mounting controls.
Racks & Subpanels Equipment subpanels and EIA racks can be added easily. These are usually not an option.
Modularity Modular construction for easy expansion or modification. Generally not easily reconfigured or modified for special requirements.
Cable Management Offers built in cable management and electrical noise reduction. Exposed cables are both unsightly and can be a safety hazard
Shipping Desks are shipped fully assembled. Extensive assembly required, often complex or hindered by missing pieces.
Setup Fast and easy move-in and set-up. On-site assembly adds costly start up time.