L-3 Klein Associates, Inc.

L-3 Klein Associates, Inc. HarborGuard® Integrated Waterside Security and Surveillance System

The HarborGuard® Integrated Waterside Security and Surveillance System was developed for real time monitoring of coastal areas, ports, and waterfront facilities. ImageVision proposed AgileVIEW consoles with a 12-inch riser base to achieve a standing workstation solution for the HarborGuard® system. This security console included 2 tiers for dual monitors, shock mount feet for shipboard applications, and louvered panel doors for ventilation. AgileVIEW's all steel construction provided an industrial security command workstation for fixed and mobile offshore locations.

Security Console for HarborGuard®

HarborGuard® System Description:

HarborGuard® can interface with up to 8 shore-based L-3 Klein Series 1000 Small Target Detection Radar systems, correlate the tracked targets from each and provide a single track file output to the workstation display(s). The L-3 Klein Small Target Detection Radar system features enhanced capabilities for detection of low visibility small radar targets. Originally developed for search and rescue applications, the radar system provides repeatable capabilities of detecting surface swimmers and small rubber boats in high seas states (3.5m waves). Up to 16 swimmer detection sonar systems can also be interfaced with HarborGuard®.