Are ImageVision consoles shipped fully assembled?

All ImageVision consoles are shipped fully assembled on custom fit skids for ease of handling during move-in and installation. Each unit ships with heavy cardboard edge protection and is shrink wrapped and palletized for protection during transit.

Do you ship overseas?

We ship all over the world. The ImageVision sales office is based in Texas, and we manufacture our consoles in Texas, making our products 100% "Made in the USA". We have shipped our consoles to most major cities within the United States, as well as countries including but not limited to Canada, France, Italy, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Africa, the United Kingdom, Japan, Dominican Republic, Mexico, China, and many others. We can work directly with your preferred freight forwarder.

How do I track my shipment?

ImageVision uses several different shipment options. We work closely with a variety of established freight carriers to provide you the best rate. Many of our customer use their preferred freight carrier. When your order ships, we will provide you with carrier and tracking information.

What shipping services are available?

ImageVision has teamed up with a few preferred freight carriers who understand on-time delivery is critical in our business. We will gladly prepay and add freight cost to your invoice. If you have a preferred carrier, we will provide shipping instructions to insure a smooth delivery.

Do you have a sales representative in my area?

ImageVision is located in Texas and able to conduct business worldwide through phone, e-mail, and fax. Our projects have been successfully installed throughout the United States and internationally, including Canada, France, Italy, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Africa, the United Kingdom, Japan, Dominican Republic, Mexico, China, and many other nations. We also have several consoles located on offshore drilling platforms throughout the world. Give us a call or e-mail our sales professionals today to discuss the requirements of your project. Call 888-664-6762 or e-mail

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we currently accept Mastercard and Visa. Once credit is established, we will accept a company purchase order

What are the requirements for establishing credit?

If this is the first time we have conducted business with your company, ImageVision requires (3) credit references to establish credit. Once you have purchased from ImageVision, your payment history is your credit and no other requests will be made. If we received orders from another location with the same company, no credit references are required. You can send an e-mail to for more information or to request a new account.

What are your standard payment terms?

When ordering with a purchase order, our standard terms are 30 days from date of invoice. We invoice at the time the order is shipped.

Do you offer on-site installation?

We do not offer on-site installation services, but provide downloadable installation resources and additional assistance as needed. ImageVision consoles are shipped fully assembled for simple, fast and convenient installation.

Where are the cabinet keys?

Keys are shipped in a 3 x 5 inch manila envelope, which is taped to worksurface of each console unit (protected during shipment with a cardboard cover).

What is the warranty on ImageVision consoles?

ImageVision, Inc warrants for a period of (12) months from the date of installation, and for a period not to exceed (18) months from the invoice date, that ImageVision consoles will be of merchantable quality, free from defects in material or workmanship under normal use, each as determined by generally recognized, applicable practices and procedures in the industry. ImageVision will not be liable for customer wear, abrasion, modifications or design alterations made to the standard products. Repair and replacement hardware is warranted for (6) months from date of shipment or the remainder of the original warranty term, whichever is longer. ImageVision will pay for the return freight on defective items returned to ImageVision only with approved Return Materials Authorization completed in advance of the return of any ImageVision goods. All other freight will be billed to the customer.

What is your return policy?

It is important that every ImageVision customer is 100% satisfied with our computer consoles, equipment, and accessories. Thus, extensive pre-sales and post-sales consulting is offered, including workspace design and budget optimization for any scope of project. In rare instances where corrections to orders are required, they are made immediately. When such corrections are not possible, returns will be facilitated.

What is the average lead time on consoles?

The average lead time for AgileVIEW, AbleVIEW, or ErgonomicVIEW consoles is approximately 6-7 weeks from the date purchase order is received. We build to order as many of the consoles are tailored to a company's specifications. At times, we are able to improve on this lead time. Feel free to contact us direct for improvement on lead time requests.

Who is responsible for damaged goods?

ImageVision is not responsible for damages that may be incurred while merchandise is in transit. Claims for loss or damage must be filed by purchaser with the carrier.