"What I liked most is your consoles' rugged industrial design. Nothing disappointed me about either your product or service."

Senior Engineer - Louisville Gas and Electric

"Your console units came pre-assembled, hardly any site work. Easy to mount computer equipment; LCD monitors, etc. We got a a quick response from ImageVision and your control consoles are ALWAYS DELIVERED ON SCHEDULE. You can rely on ImageVision to meet project deadlines."

Senior Controls Engineer - Langtree Controls, LTD

"I like the functionality of your consoles and the ability to accommodate additional process control equipment. Nothing about the consoles or your sales and support services disappointed me!"

Mill Supervisor - Grain Processing Facility

"Our plant manager is delighted with the 3-tiered operator control console. He enjoys showing off the new control room to visitors."

Engineer Manager - PCS Nitrogen

"I have already given your name to several visitors to our plant. They are really impressed with our control room furniture."

Engineer Planner - Conoco-Phillips

"I think your control consoles are not only functional, but look very professional as well; esthetically pleasing both the product and support were impeccable. Your sales representative went above and beyond the call of duty to get the control consoles delivered in record time in order to meet the needs of my customer."

Project Manager - Systems Integrator

"We had some corporate folks come through last week for a visit. They toured the control room at the power and recovery facility and noted how good the consoles looked. They asked for brochures and a contact so I gave them your information."

Keith Yeager, Project Engineer - RockTenn Paper Company

Sturdy, good design with a streamlined appearance. Debbie has been absolutely wonderful to work with from the day I took over the project. She has been extremely helpful in providing quick feedback and information when I needed it. Debbie worked hard to get me up to speed on our previous project purchases and insured all new addition items would match. I wish all our dealings with Vendors were this easy!

Project Engineer - Architect of the Capitol

"After all the dust settled, we are very happy with our console furniture. We will be ordering at least two more consoles in the next six months."

Project Engineer - Northrup Grumman Corporation

"What did I like? Style and the way the computer furniture revamped our control rooms with a modern touch. Assembly of the units was easy and the availability of the additional cable way space was a plus. The extra space on desk tops allowed us to add PC's for the operations use. ImageVision support made the project easy on this end. Everything on the project from estimates to installation went smoothly."

Project Engineer - Large Paper Company

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