AgileVIEW 2-Tier console shipped to Dupont in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. When customer feedback was requested from Ryan McMillan on overall satisfaction of products he rated ImageVision a 9. Ryan rated ImageVision service a 10! When asked what Ryan liked most about the AgileVIEW operator console, he replied, "mostly fully assembled, robust solid construction". Ryan added, "ImageVision support was impressive". Dupont used a freight service to crate the AgileVIEW console. Ryan suggested screws for crating instead of nails for easier removal from crates.

Site Process Safety Management Leader - E.I. DuPont Canada Company

Michael Dewlen with BHP completed an addition to the AgileVIEW consoles on-site to an offshore project in Trinidad and Tobago. He rated his overall satisfaction 8 and gave a 10 on ImageVision service. Michael liked the monitor supports, customer service and support, and good delivery. He commented on a sales rep stating, "Debbie Bisbano was fantastic throughout the process and was key to its success. Her commitment to accurate and rapid responses throughout the entire process made this effortless.

Electrical & Instrument Lead - BHP Billiton

Jeff with ADM purchased our 1st release of AgileVIEW Series 2 consoles. His project required 6 standing units. Jeff was asked what he likes best about AgileVIEW control room furniture and replied, "The durability of the furniture, the ease of setting it all up. The operators like the room it gives them." To allow operators to have a place for resting their feet when sitting on a chair, we created a foot rest on the standing units. Jeff made the following comment, "It was a pleasure to work with Debbie on this project. Debbie explained or sent pictures of different options for the furniture and was always pleasant and easy to work with".

Jeff DeRight - ADM Bio Products

“High quality, rugged, and ergonomically correct for standing height" was feedback from Jerry on what he likes best about his new AgileVIEW console. He added, "Support is excellent". In a recent survey, Jerry gave ImageVision a 10 for overall satisfaction with products and order process.

Jerry Anne - Senior Technologist - Ortho Clinical Diagnostics

Chris with California Dept of Public Health provided feedback on ErgonomicVIEW adjustable workstations. He gave a rating of 10 for overall satisfaction and commented, "Extremely easy to adjust".

Network Operations - California Dept of Public Health

Brett with Whiting Oil and Gas purchased an addition to an existing order built in 2012. When asked what he likes best about our control consoles, he stated, "The construction of the desks are extremely well built". Brett rated his overall satisfaction with AgileVIEW consoles a 9 out of 10.

SCADA Specialist - Whiting Petroleum Corporation

"Quality is excellent and the price was very competitive," was the feedback received from a Controls Engineer at Monument Chemical. He added, "Overall, the ordering and installation went smoothly on top of a DCS migration project which had its moment of stress and complexity. Your sales and service people were very professional. I have nothing to add other than I would highly recommend your product to others".

Controls Engineer

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