Acoustics issues in a control room can be a major distraction for operators in an environment where communication and focus are key. A major reason why acoustic issues arise is due to the room you are operating, but there are several modifica
Every industry is at risk for threats in a variety of different ways, and a manufacturing plant is no exception. The stakes are also very high if a manufacturing plant succumbs to a security threat, so a lot of attention needs to be paid towards th
  There is always room for improvement in terms of security, and there are plenty of tools you can take advantage of. A common area where security is of the utmost importance is in public transport facilities like airports and train stations.
There are two very important security terms thrown around industries and used interchangeably: control and risk assessment. However, both assessments mean different things, and it’s important to distinguish between the two so you can properly c
Chemical facilities are an essential industry to the country and the world, but they are also a prime destination for danger. Common injuries in chemical facilities often occur due to improper training, human error, low-qua

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