97% Overall Satisfaction Rating for ImageVision Consoles

We recently aggregated over 100 customer satisfaction surveys completed by past customers and have released the results below. Here's what they told us:

97% of customers rated our control consoles between an "8" (or "highly satisfied") and full "10" ("outstanding") and a full 100% of customers rated our people and service between an 8 and 10.

Here are the results from the first 100 who completed the survey:

Survey responses on consoles themselves (0 to 10 scale):

10/10 - 53
9/10 - 28
8/10 - 16
7/10 - 2
5/10 - 1


As for customer service, the breakdown is:

10/10 - 77
9/10 - 17
8/10 - 6

Here's some of the feedback we received from our surveys:

    • "Totally blows what we used to use away."


    • "I wouldn't typically order something of this scale from a vendor whose product I cannot see first-hand. But the website was organized and offered tons of information; contact persons were knowledgeable, available, and communication was prompt and direct. I hoped this was the same quality I would find in the product and I was right."


    • "The desks looks very professional, aesthetically pleasing, and very functional. You went above and beyond the call of duty to get the furniture delivered in record time in order to meet the needs of the customer."


    • "Solid, industrial based furniture. Not the flimsy stuff you buy at your favorite computer store. I really like the desktops."


  • "Both product and support were impeccable."



Click here if you haven't filled out the survey yet and would like to!