Trading Floor Desks and Console Furniture

ImageVision Traders Desks

Modern trading floors and banking offices are places where the weak and old-fashioned get chewed up and spit out.

Whatever their reputation and references, those without backbone, endurance, and versatility crack under the pressure of these notoriously high-intensity work environments.

The truth is that not every trading floor desk is cut out for this line of work.

When your “name brand” trading room furniture becomes obsolete for the evolving technological and ergonomic requirements of the job, we’re the company to call.

We manufacture premium traders' desks designed for the unique functional, aesthetic, and space and scale requirements of trading floors and investment banking companies.

Our AgileVIEW Series 2 Desks are custom configured to fit any trading room floor space, technology and equipment requirement, and interior design aesthetic.

Monitors are easily adjusted to each individual trader’s preference because we understand that the comfort and total concentration of your personnel are paramount to the growth of your firm and the success of its stakeholders. That’s why our trading floor furniture features hundreds of possible configurations to reduce clutter and promote alertness and efficiency.

ImageVision Trading Floor Desks

AgileVIEW includes options for double extension monitor arms and second and third tiers for large split-screen monitors. For equipment requirements, CPU pull-out trays or EIA rails are available behind locking cabinets.

Most important, standard with all AgileVIEW consoles is a 16-gauge multi-form steel frame and front with side and rear panels constructed from powder-coated 16-gauge sheet metal. This durability puts ImageVision in a class of its own, enabling our trading desks to withstand the wear and tear of 24/7 trading operations and ensuring that you won’t have to cycle in and out of new furniture every five years.

Whatever your project specifications, ImageVision can customize a trading desk design to meet the requirements. We work with every customer to ensure that each desk we ship is outfitted to improve your traders’ productivity.

Regardless of specifications, all trading floor desks will arrive at your site fully assembled. They are shipped shrink-wrapped, edge-protected and palletized. Just unpack, level, and go.

These are the benefits of working with a company with a customer satisfaction ratio currently above 97%.

It’s important that every ImageVision customer is 100% satisfied with our products and customer support. For this reason, extensive pre-sales and post-sales consulting (based exclusively in La Grange, Texas) is offered, including work space design and budget optimization for any scope of project. In rare instances where corrections to orders are required, they are made immediately.

Make the most of your new trading desks and accessories by trusting a company recognized for high-performance products and unmatched, personalized customer service.

We provide custom quotes in 48 hours.