Security Control Room Furniture

2-Tier, 48-inch Security Furniture Console

We Specialize in Custom Built Security Console Furniture

ImageVision is a leading supplier of security consoles, security furniture, and security desks, with customers including police and public safety departments, surveillance centers, prisons, and corporate security rooms. Other security room furniture clients include those specializing in the following areas:

  • Railway security
  • Hospital security
  • High-rise building security
  • Industrial plant security
  • Military base security
  • Harbor and dam security
  • Bridge and tunnel security
  • Airline baggage handling security


We work closely with every client to ensure that their unique security console design needs – whether they relate to monitor tiers and size, rack-mounting, or equipment housing, etc. – are met and their expectations exceeded.

Specifically, we have worked closely to develop security command center furniture solutions for clients including the Texas Governor’s mansion, the security department of a large insurance company, and the L-3 Harborguard integrated waterside security and surveillance system, US military facilities from Italy to Japan, among others. For additional examples of our security console clients, click here.

Configurations and Options for Your Security Console Furniture

Our deep experience in this sector has taught us that security starts with strength — even at the workstation level.

Security Furniture Desk by ImageVision

Our security furniture is made from a 14/16 gauge multi-form reinforced frame sheet metal (solid steel) and our locking cabinets have 18 gauge reinforced locking doors as well.  Using steel instead of another material, such as aluminum, is especially important in security applications; as a general rule of thumb, steel withstands roughly three times the force of aluminum.

But as durable and secure as our security consoles are, they’re equally modular and user-friendly. ImageVision security console desks feature over a thousand potential configurations to meet all functional requirements, accommodate all necessary security systems, and enhance operator alertness and performance.

Our security console desks can be configured for either seated or standing applications. Or, if the situation requires it, computer desks with adjustable height work surfaces are also available.  Moreover, casters are available for mobile security operations.

Several options and solutions are offered to ensure the security and privacy of workstations tasked with housing or displaying sensitive information.  ImageVision security consoles can be configured or customized to allow dedicated space for radios/walkie-talkie chargers, multiple monitor tiers of large screen monitors.

Locking hinged doors can also be placed at either the front or the rear of a security console desk, and CPU or equipment trays can be arranged to slide to the rear of the security consoles. Other options, such as rear privacy panels, provide an optimum environment for reducing distraction and increasing productivity.

Full specifications are available upon request by phone, fax, or email.  ImageVision consultants can offer advice on how to most effectively design your security desks and consoles, and we will respond within 48 hours.

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