Technical and Industrial Console Furniture

Over the past fifty years, we’ve acquired the practical experience that will help you understand, select, and deploy technical furniture that is designed to improve business productivity.Technical Furniture Console-AbleVIEW

Durability is so important when it comes to the ROI of technical furniture. Technical furniture needs to be rugged and reliable for long-term use. The all-steel construction and powder coat finish of our AgileVIEW, AbleVIEW, and ErgonomicVIEW consoles can stand up to even the most demanding industrial applications and work environments, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Plus, the steel construction ensures effective heat dissipation compared to wood or pressed wood furniture, extending the life of your computers and electronic equipment.

Ergonomics and user-friendliness are the other paramount design considerations we never compromise on. ImageVision's technical furniture is custom built to adapt to each customer/operator’s functional and aesthetic preferences. 

Whatever your space needs and restrictions are, we can accommodate them, by providing AutoCAD layout drawings for your exact project needs. We offer a 34.5” reduced depth option for narrow spaces (28.1” D for AgileVIEW & 34.5” D for AbleVIEW), and adjustable height leveling feet resulting in a highly configurable technical furniture solution, with or without cabinets below the work surface.Technical Furniture Consoles-AgileVIEW

Our technical furniture for commercial and industrial applications can be outfitted with computer/Equipment trays, tables, mounted cabinets, and monitor stands which can be stacked up to 3 tiers high using standard 75mm or 100mm VESA mounts.

And our industrial console furniture comes with numerous features to make them easy to work with. Monitors are mounted on adjustable dual-pivots with 4.5 inches of vertical adjustment that also include a quick-release adapter for easy reconfiguration. Our industrial console furniture is protected by black Edgemold soft front edges and provides cable openings with grommets along the back edges.

For security, we offer 18 gauge reinforced locking doors for the front, rear, or both, and the rest of the cabinet is 16 gauge sheet metal, mounted on a 16 gauge multi-form reinforced frame, which make our workstations an appropriate choice for any security application.

Customers frequently tell us they love the built-in cable trays that run throughout the console line up. All horizontal and vertical screen support frames have internal divided wireways with removable covers included across all turn angles, including wedges and corner tables. This provides additional electrical isolation between power and control wiring when needed.

Feel free to ask us questions by phone, fax, or e-mail, or if you want, you can have an ImageVision consultant offer you advice on how to effectively design and deploy our technical furniture. We’ll be able to give you a response within 48 hours.