Aerospace and Air Traffic Control Room Workstations

From Airport Security Stations to NASA Command Centers


ImageVision is a trusted supplier of control room furniture for airports and a wide range of other aerospace applications.

We have a broad range of experience optimizing our product lines for air traffic control, security operations, baggage handling, aircraft maintenance, satellite tracking, and space travel.

We’ve helped organizations like NASA, Delta Airlines, Gulfstream Aerospace, Lockheed Martin, and General Dynamics, among others, improve the performance and profitability of control room operations with highly durable, modular, and ergonomic workstations.

For example, 25+ units of our flagship product line, AgileVIEW, are installed at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International airport – the busiest airport in the world – to help Delta track customer baggage movement and whereabouts. After implementing new equipment like AgileVIEW and additional security processes, Delta slashed its rate of mishandled bags by 71% since 2007.

AgileVIEW’s ergonomic features and compatibility with an array of specialized displays and controls are matched with an all-steel construction that gives them a far superior lifespan to lighter-duty alternatives.

Industry-standard mounting capabilities for aerospace applications allow AgileVIEW consoles to accommodate complex or sophisticated display arrangement (such as a series of large screens or touch screen displays), so the user is able to maintain critical at-a-glance, comprehensive views, and control of their operations.

Cabinets below the aerospace and air traffic control room workstations provide ample and flexible space for housing a variety of equipment, and are configurable to hold sub-panels, EIA rack rails, pull-out equipment trays, or adjustable height shelves. In every case, we are committed to working directly with customers to meet needs for specific workstation configurations—even working with fabricators to develop new options where a solution may not currently exist.

In addition to working with NASA and all branches of the U.S. Armed Services, over a dozen AgileVIEW Control Room Consoles are installed in Europe to support the European Union's Global Positioning Satellite System. To learn more about this project, click here!

"Our aerospace experience runs deep. It underscores the universal benefits and flexibility of our consoles that Fortune 500 manufacturers, busy international airports, and small aviation companies come to us for important control room and security furniture projects." - ImageVision CEO Dave Renfro.

AgileVIEW and ErgonomicVIEW workstations can be configured for either seated or standing operators, and for permanent or mobile applications. All ImageVision consoles are shipped fully assembled and offer fast and easy installation.

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