Food and Beverage Control Room Furniture


ImageVision provides specialized control room furniture for food and beverage processing and production control rooms.

We take pride in manufacturing steel control room consoles that are not only designed to outlast every other console on the market but also maintain a showroom finish despite 24/7 use.

Anheuser-Busch, for example, partnered with us for a brew house control room refurnishing. One of their unique objectives was achieving a showcase control room appearance that reflected the quality of their brewing process and products, particularly since it was located in an area frequently visited by tour groups.

We work with every customer to ensure that each console we ship is outfitted to improve the productivity of your food and beverage control room – whether they produce coffee, alcohol, dairy products, meat, or candy. To this end, we offer over 1,000 different console configurations and custom features to ensure that all operational requirements are met and that operators feel comfortable and alert.

We utilized our design, engineering, and fabrication capabilities to offer an extensive array of custom enclosure options to meet this objective. The interior of each console employed our standard heavy-duty, all-steel frame construction with powder coat finish, ensuring structural integrity and lasting aesthetics. The exterior of each console was finished with a skirting of maple wood veneer.

Some other furniture applications addressed by ImageVision include coffee bean processing control rooms, yogurt processing facilities, and chocolate processing facilities.

Our food and beverage control room furniture can be adapted to handle nearly any user interface, including touch-sensitive panels and custom controls. We also offer configurations that can be used in seated or standing operator positions, from the control room to the factory floor.

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